We are a husband and wife residing in the Southside of Chattanooga, Tennessee who recently discovered a love for the instant gratification of DIY.  We live in a 1,400 square foot, three-story townhouse with our two small dog rescues, George and Zoey.

As fairly new homeowners, we have a lot of energy for homemaking.  Unfortunately, working full-time does not leave a lot of extra hours in the day for home improvement.  Thus, we have fallen into this rhythm: I scour the web late at night for fun (and hopefully easy) DIY projects, James sources the materials from our local hardware stores, we execute on the weekends. 

With no prior background in woodworking, metalworking, tiling, or other trade, you could say we might be crazy.  But with the abundance of websites, blogs, web tutorials, and YouTube, we are setting out to prove that anyone with the motivation to learn can DIY and find great reward in the satisfaction of creating.  We hope to motivate and inspire others by sharing our projects and their sources (why re-invent the wheel when there are so many great resources out there already?) and the lessons we learned along the way. 

This is how DIY Weekends was born. We hope you enjoy!

Our promises to you:

  1. --you will know our sources and costs--
  2. --you will know how long it took us to complete the project--
  3. --you will witness our success, as well as our failures--